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About Us has been selling floorings worldwide since 2005. Our product is 100% solid
hardwood come from sustainable sources (Cocos Nucifera) spread in all over Indonesia. Each area
naturally has it own characteristic, color, and grain which perform unique impression.

The wood came from senile coconut trees which does not bear fruits anymore and should be
replanted. For many decades these trees were simply burnt. Now, through special treatment we turn
these woods into beautiful flooring, parquet, beams, and Finger Joint Laminating Board (FJLB) used
for housing, shopping center, office and industrial applications.

Our flooring is structurally sound for normal usage and moisture changes. We guarantee all products
are free from defects during the warranty period. Shall customer prove defect, fracture, chipping off
wood, intolerable moisture content level, etc. which resulted from Manufacturer’s failure, as
Manufacturer we will replace 100% rejected good. Replacement will not applicable if goods already
passed Customer’s Surveyor/Inspection prior to the shipment.